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Five Bundle

Get the ultimate content package for your FiveM™ community!

With nearly $6,000 in content value, Five Bundle grants your community every FiveM™ asset from:

Along with frequent new releases from Redneck, Sonoran, and London!

Backed by our 48-hour money back guarantee, Five Bundle is the ultimate content package for your FiveM™ community!


Where can I purchase the Five Bundle?

The Five Bundle subscription can be purchased for $29.99/MO or $69.69/Quarterly USD on FiveBundle.com.

What is included in the Five Bundle?

Sonoran Store:

All items on Sonoran.Store are included with the Five Bundle. This does not include any Sonoran CAD, Sonoran CMS, Sonoran Radio, or Sonoran Servers products.

At time of writing this includes:

Redneck Modifications:

All FiveM vehicles and scripts listed on RedneckMods.com are included with the Five Bundle. Please note that this does not include any EUP or Sirens.

At time of writing this includes:

London Studios:

All items listed on LondonStudios.net are included with the Five Bundle.

At time of writing this includes:

  • Advanced Recovery Truck

  • American Rearmount Ladder

  • Bike Hire

  • Bomb Disposal Robot (EOD)

  • Car Sale Sign

  • Custom Vinewood Sign

  • Decontamination Tent

  • Fire Supply Line

  • Fire Tools

  • Helicopter Rescue

  • Mobile Spike

  • Police Grappler

  • Police Shields

  • Rescue Cushion

  • Rope Rescue Tripod & Basket Resource

  • Smart Airbags

  • Smart Bollards

  • Smart Defib

  • Smart Drone V2

  • Smart Fires

  • Smart Hose

  • Smart Ladder

  • Smart Matrix

  • Smart Motorways

  • Smart Signs

  • Smart Speed Cameras

  • Smart Speed Signs

  • Smart Taser

  • Star Chase

  • Throw Bag

  • Vehicle Rescue

  • Water Monitor

  • Weapon Lanyard

Please be aware that "Smart Speed Cameras" is listed in keymaster as "Average Speed"

Where can I find vehicle livery/lighting/texture templates?

For templates available you will find a Templates folder in the keymaster resource download. If there is not a template for your desired vehicle, there is not one available for that vehicle at this time. All Redneck Mods vehicles have been updated on January 10th, 2023 to have the complete list of available templates.

Are Redneck Mods Liveries/EUP/Sirens Included in Five Bundle?

Not currently, no. These are not considered FiveM™ specific assets and are not distributed via the CFX.re Keymaster/Escrow system. These assets may be purchased individually at redneckmods.com.

My Five Bundle charges are still $49.99 after the price drop to $29.99. How can I get the lower price?

Due to Tebex limitations, you'll need to re-subscribe to secure this new rate. To avoid any disruption, we recommend waiting until your current term ends before making the switch. Your uninterrupted access and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Cancelations and Refunds

Where can I cancel my subscription?

Customers may cancel their Five Bundle subscription at anytime via Tebex.io's System or via cancellation link included in the original purchase and subscription renewal emails. All assets will remain available until the end of the current subscription term.

If I cancel my subscription do I keep the content?

All items in the Five Bundle are protected via Tebex and CFX's asset escrow encryption system. Due to Tebex limitations, all assets are immediately revoked upon cancellation and are not available for the remainder of the term.

Where can I request a refund?

Refunds are offered within 48 hours of any purchase or renewal. Refunds must be requested on the support.sonoransoftware.com portal. Requesting a refund will revoke access to all Five Bundle content immediately.

Customer Support

Five Bundle customers may receive customer support via the following methods:

Payment questions/issues/refunds:


Sonoran Store Items:


Redneck Modifications Items:


London Studios Items:


Product Documentation

You can find documentation on the products included in Five Bundle in the following locations:

Sonoran Store Items:


Redneck Modifications Items:

  • Some items come with a PDF manual in the resource files (Note: many items do not and will not have manuals created for them).

  • Additional information may be available in the Redneck Mods discord

London Studios Items: docs.londonstudios.net

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