Getting Started

This page will walk you through getting and installing the script.

Acquire the Script

After purchasing the script through the Sonoran store you may download the script through the keymaster account that purchased the script. Upon downloading extract the file to a safe place.

Install the Script

  1. Inside the script package you just extracted will be two folders. Copy both to a folder in your server's resources folder called [sonoranscripts] note the [] in the name, without them it will not work.

  2. In the sonoran-mcc folder there will be a folder called config, once inside that folder you should see a file called config.CHANGEME.lua you should rename that to be config.lua and configure the settings inside as you would like them to be configured based on the configuration documentation below.

  3. In the sonoran-mcc folder there is the file sonomcc.ytd, move that file into the sonoran-mcc/stream/ folder. This allows our updater to not override any custom YTD edits like custom liveries.

  4. In the sonoran-mcc/data/ folder there are 4 .meta files rename each file so that you remove.CHANGEME from the name. You should be left with the following 4 file names:

  • carcols.meta

  • carvariations.meta

  • vehiclelayouts.meta

  • vehicles.meta

  1. Finally, in your server.cfg add the following:

ensure sonoran-mcc

add_ace resource.sonoran-mcc command allow
add_ace resource.sonoran-mcc_helper command allow

Configuring The Script

Default config.lua
config = {}
config.configuration_version = 1.3 -- Do NOT change unless updating whole config file. Used by updater to tell you when new config file options are available.
config.auto_update = true -- Toggle Auto Updater, requires ace permissions to function. See Install Docs:
config.debug_mode = false
config.eBrakeWithSliders = true -- Should the vehicle activate the "E-BRAKE" when the sliders are out
config.speedType = 'mph' -- Which way should the alpr speed display? Options: 'mph' or 'kph'
config.keys = {
    -- Use to find the name...
    -- and use to find index parameters for the key options below...
    cameraToggle = {cmd = 'mcccamera', name = 'INPUT_PICKUP', indexParam = 'e', lang = 'Access MCC Cameras'}, -- Key to access cameras
    interiorLightToggle = {cmd = 'mccintlights', name = 'INPUT_REPLAY_CYCLEMARKERRIGHT', indexParam = 'RBRACKET', lang = 'Toggle MCC Interior Lights'}, -- Key to toggle rear interior lighting
    radioRepeaterToggle = {cmd = 'mccradio', name = 'INPUT_REPLAY_CYCLEMARKERLEFT', indexParam = 'LBRACKET', lang = 'Toggle MCC Radio Repeater'}, -- Key to toggle Sonoran Radio repeater
    alprLockPlate = {cmd = 'mccplatelock', name = 'INPUT_FRONTEND_ENDSCREEN_ACCEPT', indexParam = 'RETURN', lang = 'Lock the current plate in the MCC ALPR'},
    menuToggle = {name = 'INPUT_SCRIPTED_FLY_ZUP', indexParam = 'PAGEUP'} -- Keybind to open the door control menu, can be changed in FiveM settings

-- Optional Menu/Commands/Keybinds controls for doors
config.doorControl = {
    method = 4, -- What method to use to control the doors | INTEGER | Options: 1 = commands, 2 = menu, 3 = none, 4 = commands & menu
    commands = {
        baseCmd = {cmd = 'mcctoggle', lang = 'Base MCC Toggle Command'}, -- Base command, see below for options
        antenna = {cmd = 'antenna', lang = 'Toggle MCC Antenna'}, -- toggle the antenna
        sliders = {cmd = 'sliders', lang = 'Toggle MCC Slide Out Sections'}, -- toggle the sliders
        rearDoor = {cmd = 'reardoor', lang = 'Toggle MCC Rear Door'}, -- toggle the read door
        frontLeft = {cmd = 'frontleft', lang = "Toggle MCC Driver's Door"}, -- toggle the front left door
        frontRight = {cmd = 'frontright', lang = "Toggle Passenger's Door"}, -- toggle the front right door
        allDoors = {cmd = 'all', lang = 'Toggle ALL MCC Doors'}, -- toggle all doors
        menuToggle = {cmd = 'togglem', lang = 'Toggle MCC Control Menu'} -- command to open the door control menu

-- Translate the resource by customizing the messages below...
config.language = {
    mccHelpMessage = 'Press \n~' .. .. '~ to access cameras \n~' .. .. '~ to toggle interior lights',
    mccRadioHelpMessage = '\n~' .. .. '~ to toggle mobile radio repeater',
    mccMenuHelpMessage = '\n~' .. .. '~ for more controls',
    radioRepeaterOn = 'MCC Radio repeater has been toggled on',
    radioRepeaterOff = 'MCC Radio repeater has been toggled off',
    notInMCC = 'You must be in the MCC to use this!',
    noValidArgument = 'You must provide a valid argument!',
    subCommand = 'Subcommand',
    subCommandOptions = 'Available options: ',
    missingSonoranRadio = 'Sonoran Radio not running, feature unavailable...',
    antennaNotUp = 'You must raise the antenna first!\n Use "/mcctoggle antenna" do to so',
    slidersOut = 'The MCC sliders are moving out... E brake will now engage.',
    slidersIn = 'The MCC sliders are now in... E brake will now disengange',
    intLightOn = 'The interior light has been toggled on!',
    intLightOff = 'The interior light has been toggled off!',
    alprLockPlate = 'Lock Plate'

config.alpr = {
    enabled = true, -- Enable Autmatic License Plate Reader on MCC Cameras
    enableSonoranCad = true, -- Enable sonorancad integration to alert on bolo/warrant/flag and be able to lock to force a CAD license plate lookup
    scanAi = false -- Allow passive lookups of AI plates, will be lots of spam if you enable notifying on "no registration" in sonorancad wraithv2 plugin
} = {
    enabled = true, -- Enable MCC Mobile Repeater (requires sonoranradio resource and name must remain to be "sonoranradio")
    range = 750 --MCC Mobile repeater 

There is no permission configuration required for this resource.

Sonoran CAD Integration


The mobile command center is equipped with surveillance cameras on top of the radio antenna. While looking at a vehicle, the license plate will be displayed on-screen.

Additionally, with Sonoran CAD's Wraith integration, a pNotify pop-up will display the vehicle's registration information from Sonoran CAD. Press ENTER to "lock" the plate and return a full search in your Sonoran CAD screen.


The Sonoran CAD integration can be turned either on or off in the config.alpr section. In order for Sonoran CAD integration to work properly you MUST have the Wraith Radar CAD plugin installed. This plugin is part of Sonoran CAD's integration framework.

Without the Wraith Radar plugin properly installed the ALPR WILL NOT work.

Sonoran Radio Integration


The mobile command center is equipped with an extendable Sonoran Radio repeater. When extended, the mobile command center will function as a Sonoran Radio tower to increase reception in the area.


The Sonoran Radio integration is both automatic and seamless. In order for this to work you MUST have the Sonoran Radio FiveM Script properly installed and configured.

Sonoran Radio's resource must remain named sonoranradio or integration WILL NOT work.

Without the Sonoran Radio FiveM Script properly installed the Sonoran Radio integration WILL NOT work.

Config Breakdown

Config OptionOption DescriptionPossible Values


This is used by the auto updater - simply don't touch it



Would you like the script to automatically update to the newest version?

True or False


Would you like to enable debug prints?

True or False


Would you like to enable/ disable the MCC's emergency brake when sliders are opened/ closed

True or False


How would you like to display the speed on the ALPR?

'mph' or 'kph'

config.keys Breakdown

Config OptionOption DescriptionPossible Values


The command that will be triggered



The key that will be displayed in the help menu upon entering the MCC


The default key that will be used to trigger said command


The description of what the key will do


config.doorControl Breakdown

Config OptionOption DescriptionPossible Values


How would you like to control the MCC doors?

1 = commands - 2 = menu 3 = none 4 = commands & menu


The command that will be triggered



The description of what the command will do


config.language Breakdown

Here you can imput your own translations or change the wording of all text prompts and popups.

config.alpr Breakdown

Config OptionOption DescriptionPossible Values


Would you like to enable the MCC ALPR system?

true or false


Would you like the ALPR to run plates through Sonoran CAD?

true or false


Would you like the ALPR system to scan AI plates?

true or false Breakdown

Config OptionOption DescriptionPossible Values


Would you like to enable the MCC Radio Repeater system?

true or false


Would you like more or less mobile radio repeater range?

int defualt: 750


These are the default names of commands, they may have been modified by the server owner.

Command NameCommand Description

/mcctoggle [door]

This is the base command that. (See Available Doors for all the possible doors)


Toggle the MCC control menu


Access the MCC camera system


Toggle the MCC interior lights


Toggle the MCC radio repeater


Lock the current/ last plate from the ALPR

Available Doors






Rear Door


Driver's Door


Passenger's Door


All Doors


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