đŸ”ĢGun Placement System Guide

Traffic Camera is used as an example in this guide

  1. You can find the command to use the system for your script in the commands section of that script's documentation.

  1. You will need the relevant placement permissions in the server you are trying to place it in. You can refer to the documentation of your script to determine what that needed permission is.

  2. You can now load into the server and run the command which you located earlier. You should be met with a message similar to the following.

    Sonoran Gun Placement - In Game Prompt
  3. Now pull out your gun and aim, you will notice a red line protruding from your gun. The end of that line is where the model will spawn.

    Sonoran Gun Placement - Usage
  4. When you left click to fire the model will appear at the end of the red line. The direction it's facing may vary from model to model depending on what was deemed to be easiest to use by the developer. You may have to experiment to get everything to your liking.

    Sonoran Gun Placement - Spawning Model

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