⚡Power Grid

Power Grid


  • Ability to operate standalone

  • Support for AcePerms, ESX, QBCore, and custom permissions systems


These are the default names of commands, they may have been modified by the server owner.

Command NameCommand DescriptionRequired Permission

/spawnnewsystem [prop] [name]

This command will allow an admin to spawn a new power system using a gun placement system where the name argument is the label for the new power system and the prop argument is the text name of the model to use

Admin or as configured


This command will cancel the current power system placement if one is currently in progress.



This command will draw the ID of power systems which you are close to with 3D text near the base of the power system


/getpositiondata [system id]

This command will print the current positional data of the power system to the chat

Admin or as configured

/changesystemdata [system data] [position data type] [value]

This command will change the value which you specify of the power system you specify, run this command without arguments for example usage. All changes made with this command will be immediately saved

Admin or as configured


This command will completely reload the systems.json from the server's storage

Admin or as configured

/pslink [system id]

This command will allow the admin to link a power system to a different system using a system similar to the gun placement system

Admin or as configured


This command will cancel the current link in progress


Model Options

The model on the left is named prop_street_light_solar_panel and the model is named prop_powerbox.




  • Add restart handling to prevent crashing



  • Add color indicators to hacking mini game. Green numbers mean both the number entered is correct and in the correct position. Red numbers mean the number is either incorrect or not in the correct position


  • Includes a possible fix for higher than normal server timings on player join for certain ESX configurations


  • Fixed: discord.CHANGEME.lua file added to escrowignore (required config file for configuring discord webhooks)


  • Initial Release

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