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SonoranM for FiveM™️

Get the entire Sonoran store for just $19.99/mo! Purchase at SonoranM.com!

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Our support team has dedicated live chat hours 7 days/week! For assistance, reach out to support.sonoransoftware.com.

Discord Server

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Discord Customer Role

Gain access to our #customer-lobby channel when you purchase an item from the Sonoran Store!

1. Copy your CFX Username

When you purchase an item from the Sonoran Store, a CFX (FiveM) login is required. You'll need to copy your CFX username. This can be found by logging into the CFX forums.

2. Copy your Discord Username

Left-click on your Discord username to copy it.

3. Claim your Role

On support.sonoransoftware.com select Discord Role > Store Customer and enter in your credentials.

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